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Lewis/Kay Casting

C.S.A. / Casting Directors / C.D.C.

Jenny Lewis and Sara Kay have been in business together for just over 17 years. Their full service Casting Company started small, focusing on indie films, short films and even some reality casting.  Their mandate is to think outside the box and approach each project with creative integrity. After over a decade together and three CSA awards, they are firmly entrenched in both the Canadian and American Casting scene. In 2019 the majority of their work was on indie films and working with up and coming filmmakers, but they also continue to spend a lot of time on their series and feature film work. Recent credits include “The Boys”, “Becky”, “Letterkenny“, “Stardust”, “The Broken Hearts Gallery”, “What We do In the Shadows” and “Resident Evil Reboot”, to name a few. 
*Won the inaugural Gemini for Casting in 2006 for Heyday.
*Won the inaugural CSA award for Casting in 2013 for Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.
*Won the CSA award for Casting in 2018 for Letterkenny.
*Nominated for a Gemini for Rent A Goalie in 2007 and 2008. 
*Nominated for a Gemini for Todd and the book of Pure Evil in 2011.
*Nominated for CSA award for Best Laid Plans in 2015.
*Nominated for CSA award for Bitten in 2016.
*Nominated for CSA award for Frontier in 2017.
*Nominated for CSA award for Letterkenny in 2017.
*Nominated for CSA award for Letterkenny in 2018.
*Nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Casting in a Comedy for What We do in the Shadows in 2020.