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Marissa Richmond, C.D.C.

Directora de Casting / C.D.C.

Marissa Richmond has been a casting director for 30 years. She is very proud of the work done on such series as CTV/ION/CBS Flashpoint, and CTV 19-2 and Family Channel’s Debra!, as well as legacy series such as CTV/CBS Due South and CBC/ION Durham County. Marissa loves the audition process and seeing what actors can do in the room. She strives for naturalism and creating the “reality of the world” in all the work she does, whether that be on dramatic or comedic material. Her Feature Film/Shorts work includes the recent Queen of the Morning Calm, Catch and Release and The Most Magnificent Thing.

She is thrilled to have received a Canadian Screen Award for Best Achievement in Casting for 19-2 and was honoured with a Gemini Award for Best Achievement in Casting for Durham County. She also received 6 additional nominations for Best Achievement in Casting for Flashpoint and Durham County.

Additionally Marissa Richmond worked at The Canadian Film Centre for 20 years as Casting Director in Residence and was involved in the Film, Television and Acting Programmes. She has been a member of the Casting Directors of Canada (CDC) since 1995 and is now Vice Chair. She received a BMusEd from Western University, BA-RTA from Ryerson University and Osgoode Certificate in Entertainment Law from Osgoode Hall Law School and a Certificate in Floral Design from Seneca College.