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Graham Qually

Fundador y Presidente de Beyond Capture Studio

Graham Qually is the founder and president of the world-class motion capture studio located in the heart of Vancouver. Graham has been working in the motion capture industry since graduating from the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2007. He has progressed from being a PA to where he is now and has gained invaluable knowledge along the way. He began his career in Rainmaker, where he displayed his commitment to the company and his natural ability to manage and work with people, and promptly became a motion capture editor and subsequently, a shoot floor manager. Following on from Rainmaker he joined Ubisoft, Toronto, as the third employee during the construction phase of the studio. He helped cultivate a team of dedicated, ever improving individuals and aided greatly in the progression of the company into one of the most advanced stages in Canada. After working there for a number of years on 40+ productions, as a team lead, shoot master and a motion capture specialist, he decided it was time to venture out and apply his acquired knowledge and skills into developing his own studio. At Beyond Capture Graham strives to go beyond in every aspect, whether it be his team, the setting, or the data they gather for clients. Through using cutting edge technology, in a world-class space, Graham and his team achieve incredible things both for clients and the progression of the motion capture industry.