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Andrea Kenyon & Randi Wells

Directoras de casting

Celebrating over 40 years in casting, Andrea and Randi are members of the Casting Society of America, Casting Directors of Canada, Casting Directors Association of Quebec, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

In 1972, at 11 years old, Andrea & Randi met and started writing television episodes for their favourite TV series, in their 6th grade English class! Perhaps a premonition of what was to come…

Similar values, and complimentary qualities launched an enduring friendship, which would culminate, just over 20 years later, in the formation of a business association and mission statement that would creatively express their artistic backgrounds, as well as the core of their long-held friendship – care, kindness, intelligence and humour!

The destined alliance was the result of the Detroit native (Andrea) with one Montreal, and one New York parent, moving to Montreal, and the Chomedey native (Randi) moving into the same Montreal neighbourhood. At a young age both girls had been surrounded by entertainers and show people through their parents activities. In her early years, Randi’s parents wrote, produced and performed in large-scale community productions, while Andrea’s parents were entertainers – her father a stand-up comedian and impersonator, her mother a singer, dancer, who at one point joined the circus. Ultimately Andrea’s father would settle down as a booking agent for the Roostertail in Detroit, and a teacher/director at his own acting school. The nightly accounts of her father’s teaching and production experiences drew Andrea into a passion for actors, and for the film & television industry. Although the city in which Randi & Andrea resided was not always concurrent, it was as though they were meant to pick up where their 6th grade writing left off. In the late 1970’s, Andrea began to work her way up in the casting business starting out as a Casting Assistant for Montreal film projects produced by Astral Films. In 1989, she launched Andrea Kenyon & Associates to provide casting services with the distinct stamp of her vision and personality. In 1993, Andrea finally acted on the inevitable, and teamed with her longtime friend, and then Fine Arts Major, Randi Wells, who had just returned to Montreal from Michigan, after her marriage dissolved. There began a business partnership that would combine their strengths, and result in the dynamic and flourishing company of Kenyon~Wells Casting. Since then, casting feature films, television movies and series, they have had the opportunity to work with several prominent Canadian & American Directors, Producers, and Studios. In 2004, Andrea, along with two of her peers, was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting for a Miniseries for ‘THE REAGANS’. In 2011, Andrea & Randi won their first Gemini Award, after three nominations, for the Casting of the 3rd Season of the Canadian television series ‘DURHAM COUNTY’. That year, they were also nominated for an Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting for ‘Barney’s Version’ with Paul Giamotti, and in 2016, they won a Canadian Screen Award for the casting of 19-2 Season 2. Currently, Andrea & Randi are enjoying a 5th wonderful, creative collaboration with the Director Roland Emmerich (‘White House Down’, ‘2012’, ‘Independence Day’) on the upcoming production entitled MOONFALL (their previous collaboration being on MIDWAY), and are thrilled to have recently completed working with Lee Daniels (‘The Butler’) on the feature film ‘THE UNITED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLIDAY’, starring Andra Day, Trevante Rhodes and Garrett Hedlund.