Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Film School is a global leader in entertainment arts education, offering 15 programs to more than 1,000 students across eight campuses.

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Online Class Description

VFS Acting Program: Camera & Audition Class Video Audit

Join our VFS Industry Faculty and Third term students for a video class audit.

Step into our Acting labs to observe:

1. Camera/Edit Class with instructor Kurt Evans – on camera scene class to play in front of the camera and see how it works for the edit process.

2. Audition: Exploring TV with instructor Andres De Soto – tackle principal roles in the audition structure.

With a brief introduction from Acting Head of Department, Jennifer Clement. See what a VFS classroom experience is like as students get a chance to play, build techniques, hone their craft, make mistakes and build their confidence in front of the camera. This is the work and hours behind the productions and collaborations – the day to day exploration crucial to VFS actor training and curriculum.

Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Vancouver Film School is Canada’s premier entertainment arts institution. It offers 15 signature post-secondary programs spanning every aspect of the entertainment arts. All of them are developed and taught by award-winning industry professionals and are designed according to the industry's best, current practices.

Students are physically and mentally immersed in Vancouver’s film, animation, game, and design industries, and benefit from career guidance and expertise from industry mentors, instructors, and guest speakers.