George Brown College - Acting for Media/Theatre Arts

Toronto, ON

The School of Media & Performing Arts provides the ideal environment to take creative risks, hone your skills, and start making industry connections.

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Online Class Description

Professor Suzanne Liska from the School for Media & Performing Arts introduces the class to Contact Improvisation (CI) and interweaves Alexander awareness of movement habits. Through these exercises, students develop skills such as accessing three-dimensional awareness,spinal organization and counterbalancing. To build on this in relation to acting, they are asked to become aware of the different kinaesthetic and emotional responses while using text from moving with, meeting and/or resisting their partner.

George Brown College - Acting for Media/Theatre Arts

George Brown's School of Media and Performing Arts is located in downtown Toronto, home to hundreds of production, theatre, and dance companies so you can fully immerse yourself in the city’s art scene.

The school has skilled instructors and partnerships to allow you to learn and work alongside industry professionals including actors, choreographers, dancers, directors, designers, and technicians. Its programs theory and experiential learning, with a focus on industry-ready training, in addition to small class sizes where you’ll experience more intensive, focused learning.

Currently the school offers programs in media, theatre and dance.