Brown University

Providence, RI

The Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies (TAPS) at Brown, is for students interested in the aesthetic, historical, literary, practical, and theoretical explorations of performance in global perspective - theatre, dance, speech, performance art, and performative "roles" in everyday life.


Brown University

Students at Brown make theatre, dance, and performance-based work all over campus. Performances have been written for hallways, breezeways, walkways, as well as our theatres. Work has been produced without a play in mind – improvised, found, choreographed on the spot. Other work has been incubated and nurtured for years at a time. Well-known plays from the dramatic canon are produced alongside lesser-known newcomers or buried treasures rarely produced.

In addition to the Undergraduate Program, the department offers a Doctoral Program in Theatre and Performance Studies, an MFA Program in Playwriting, and the Brown/Trinity MFA Programs in Acting and Directing.

The Department offers a concentration in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies. Concentrators chose a "track" to study within the concentration -Theatre Arts, Performance Studies, or Dance. Students can all find a home in one of the tracks by working with faculty to best design their curricular choices.

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