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Stephanie Halber

Casting Director, Coach, Producer

Meets virtually

Stephanie's Services

Acting: Film & Television
Acting: On-set Preparation
Acting: Stage
Acting: TV Commercials
Audition Preparation
Career Consultation
Child/Youth/Teen Coaching
Reader (Audition)
Running Lines / Rehearsal
Self Taping: Performance
Self Taping: Technical (Set up, Audio/Lighting)

About Stephanie

With a decade of coaching experience, Stephanie helps actors to be independent artists with her unique approach to custom curriculums. Teaching audition technique, script analysis, scene study, physicality and breath awareness, character development, audition preparation, buisness fundamentals, and on-camera technique. She offers one on one coaching, self-tapes, ongoing lessons, on-set preperation, on-set coaching and custom curriculums for students ranging from those just starting out to professional actors. Her focus is on building a strong sense of confidence and self-awareness in her students to give them the foundation they need to develop their performances and build careers. 

Stephanie is a firm believer in helping actors develop the tools to be independent artists, to be flexible in taking direction, trusting unique choices with their material, and working in a safe environment that enables students to take creative risks and have fun. She custom tailors all sessions to adapt to each individual actors learning style while meeting the professional demands that are expected in audition rooms and onset. 

Stephanie loves working with adults but specializes in youth actors. Children have unique learning needs, based on their adolescent development and how they learn best. Stephanie adjusts her teaching based on an individual’s learning style so that they can better absorb the concepts of acting. She also leads parent consultations to encourage parents to understand how they can help their young actor get started in acting or take the next step towards their goals. She also works with adults who would crave a more tailored approach to mastering confidence in the audition room, exploring their craft and building their professional business. 

She has previously taught at Biz Studio, West Point Grey Academy, Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Screen Actors Studio in Victoria, Kate Rubin Studio, and taught film to students in low-income schools with Arts Reach. 

Stephanie has been a Casting Director on a few projects including Commercials for Disney’s Descendants 3 and Bell Media, a TV Series for Another Era on TVB Network and a music group for John William Dexter’s Bailamos – produced by Reliant Music – a Branch of Warner Brothers Music . Her hands-on experience as a Casting Director and previously running camera for other Casting Directors has enabled her to see over 5000 auditions in 5 years. She is also a multi-faceted contributor in the film industry giving her an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes in Casting and Production and shares that knowledge with her students. 

Her consistently strong rapport with students and parents has been built from her attention to catering to her students unique needs and her approach to developing personal strength and confidence in her students.

Industry Highlights

Stephanie coached Lia Frankland when she played Sarah, opposite Charlize Theron in Tully.
Stephanie was the Casting Director for a Christmas Promo - "Audrey's Christmas Rewind" for Disney's Descendants 3.
Stephanie is the acting coach for Malia Baker who plays Mary Anne Spier in The Babysitters Club.

Session Rates


20 minute consultation

Have you got more general questions you need answered before committing time and personal expense to extensive training or specialized sessions?

Book a no-obligation consult session and take the first easy steps forward to getting the answers you need.
$ 30.00 USD

30 minute individual session

Did your agent just call? Need coaching for an audition? Are you a kinesthetic learner that needs to say their lines 25 times to make them stick? Want to gain insight into the casting room, and how to feel confident at your next audition? Have a quick question about the film industry and don't know who to trust to give honest insight? Then coaching is a great way to prepare, so that you can trust yourself and your artistic choices! Run lines with a professional reader, who has seen thousands of auditions! Even veteran actors can use a helping hand when running their lines! Get some quick tips on how to nail your next audition! Chat about your character and build on your artistic instincts. Or ask Stephanie anything in a career consultation!

$ 45.00 USD

45 minute individual session

Audition Prep or Career Consultation. Let's face it, navigating this industry can come with loads of questions, and sometimes we need just a little more time to find the answers! Let's have a good chat about your craft as an actor, what your process is, and how you can grow your characters. Explore the story, character, and audition sides to the fullest, until you feel confident with your next audition. There are a lot of steps in your business in learning how to navigate your career and your craft. Perhaps you help manage your young actor's career, or are an adult trying to navigate the industry. Whatever you need, Stephanie is always here to help!
$ 60.00 USD

60 minute individual session

The ultimate custom curriculum in becoming an independent artist! You create the session based on what you want to experience! Go beyond the audition preparation, character development, and text analysis! Stephanie will take a moment to understand your strengths and areas you have room to grow. We'll start by gaining insight into your style of learning, where you are at in your career, the length of your audition, memorization techniques, audition nerves as well as child-specific learning needs versus those of adult actors. Stephanie adapts her teaching style and will custom tailor the class to suit your goals. Special attention will be focused on physicality, breathing, script analysis, character exploration and development, and thinking beyond the text. Stephanie will explain acting concepts in a way that works for you so that you can truly understand how to trust yourself and your craft. This class is all about YOU!
$ 75.00 USD

Stephanie's Gallery

At the Joey Awards
With Director Tim Disney and actor Christian Convery
At the Leo Awards
At the Leo Awards


Malia Baker
Mary Anne Spier on The Babysitters Club, Previous Credits Include The Flash, Hope at Christmas, A Million Little Things
Stephanie has so many great techniques to offer us as actors - and ones that I haven't ever been told about or experienced elsewhere.I find she is very skilled with character development, helping you memorize your lines and making sure you don't get stuck in one way of portraying a character or scene. She provides a safe emotional environment to challenge your growth as an artist. She helps you to feel comfortable enough to go to your widest range and then pushes you further to achieve even more!
Malia's Mom, Julia
Stephanie provides invaluable technical training, but just as importantly, she offers emotional and mental support for a young actor entering - and continuing - in the business. Stephanie gives advice that is invaluable to a young actor by helping them to understand the business, their rights and boundaries as an actor, and giving them the support they need to feel confident, able and ready to take on auditions and life on set.
Lia Frankland, Fia Frankland (Lia's mother)
Feature Film -Tully
We feel very fortunate that our daughter has had the opportunity to train with Stephanie Halber. She fosters an inviting, fun, and creative atmosphere in both her private coaching and acting classes. In under a year Stephanie helped Lia to progress from finding an agent, to preparing for auditions, to booking her first part on The Flash. Stephanie is a wonderful resource of suggestions and techniques to address any challenges that arise. Most importantly, Lia always looks forward to their sessions together. Thank you Stephanie!
Tiffany Mak, CSA
Tiffany Mak Casting
I have found that Stephanie's approach to coaching kids has been very effective on her clients whom I have auditioned. These performers tend to come in confident, well-prepared, focussed and having made clear character choices during their preparation, and consistently get shortlisted or book with me!
Tim Disney
Director of William
You did a great job coaching those kids!
Lisa Convery
Mom of Christian Convery, Known For William, Beautiful Boy, and currently on Pup Academy
I highly recommend Stephanie Halber for coaching to all children! She has worked with my son since he has been 4 1/2 years old helping him to develop acting through imagination and the required skills to make him a professional on set. With Stephanie's guidance and coaching he has and continues to book many movie and tv shows at the tender age of 7 years old! Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do for us!