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Marci Liroff

Casting Director, Coach, Consultant, Producer, Certified Intimacy Coordinator

Meets virtually

Marci's Services

Acting: Film & Television
Acting: On-set Preparation
Audition Preparation
Career Consultation
Child/Youth/Teen Coaching
Reader (Audition)
Running Lines / Rehearsal
Self Taping: Performance
Self Taping: Technical (Set up, Audio/Lighting)

About Marci

After working for over forty years as a Casting Director with some of the best directors and producers in our business, I have gained an extensive knowledge of what it takes to get the job.

For the last eleven years, in addition to my ongoing casting work, I have been coaching actors to help them prepare for upcoming auditions and jobs.

Many times while working on a project I see actors come in who are so ill-prepared for their audition, I want to take them aside and educate them. Talent and looks can get you only so far; in this day and age of dwindling scripted projects, the dedicated actor needs to be trained in the art of showing up prepared, present and ready to work.

I teach actors what they need to know before, during and after their auditions. I use my skills as a Casting Director to prepare them to win the part…before they even enter the room. Your audition should not feel like a visit to the doctor! It is your time to show us what you’ve got. I will help you feel more in your body than you’ve ever felt before.

In an intimate, one-on-one setting, I map out each actor’s personal path for success. With kids and newer actors who are just starting out, I teach them what they can expect in an audition. With seasoned professionals, I tailor each session to suit an individual’s needs and experience, from running lines to breaking down the character to find its inner life.

Self-tapes are crucial these days. Being a casting director, I know exactly what is expected of these auditions and how to make them truly hit their mark. Rather than try to do it yourself on your laptop (yes I’ve seen all kinds of self-taped auditions!), I can coach you for your upcoming audition and record it on the Zoom platform. Then, I will send you the video file(s) so you can edit for your submission to casting.

I have been a guest lecturer and teacher at USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I coach actors globally along with teaching my Audition Bootcamp across the U.S. (San Francisco, Salt Lake City, New York, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, Argentina).

I look forward to working with you!

Additional Services Offered:

VOCAL COACHING: Learn how to sound professional when speaking in public or giving a presentation. I work with actors and non-actors to diagnose and solve vocal “tics” such as uptalking, vocal growl, word “fillers” such as “um, ya know, and like.” Give speeches and presentations with ease when you are aware of your vocal handicaps. Gain confidence knowing that your messaging is being heard loud and clear.

Industry Highlights

Blade Runner
Mean Girls

Session Rates


20 minute consultation

Do you have additional general questions you need answered before committing to booking a session with me?

Reach out here for a consult so we can map out what you'll need going forward - no strings attached. Looking forward to working with you.
$ 60.00 USD

30 minute Individual private coaching

Only have a couple of short scenes to work on? Prep for auditions or an upcoming job, run lines before a big audition, or get general advice.
$ 75.00 USD

60 minute Individual private coaching

Dig deep into your character's backstory, learn what your objectives are, master script analysis and prepare for upcoming auditions and jobs.
$ 150.00 USD

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Rosie Perez
Actress (White Men Can't Jump, Do The Right Thing)
It is most important to be prepared and feel confident when you walk into the room. I felt very comfortable working with Marci. Her approach was perfect for me, as if we were in rehearsals for a stage play—breaking down each beat—details, details, details. The hours flew by and it was even fun. She gave me honest feedback and more importantly, an insider's look as to what other casting directors look for and expect. That helped put me at ease which added an extra confidence when I walked into the room—very important.
Dave Franco
Actor (Now You See Me (1,2,3), Neighbors (1, 2), The Disaster Artist), Director (The Rental)
What I like about Marci is that she does not try to mold you into something that is outside of yourself. She recognizes your strengths and creates a comfortable environment where you can really allow yourself to be free and find some interesting moments.
Lacey Chabert
Marci's coaching helps me approach audition scenes in the most creative way possible. With her patient & kind guidance, she encourages me to take risks. I truly enjoy collaborating with her!
Will Ropp
Actor (The Way Back)
When you come from such an extensive casting background like Marci, you’re able to provide such specific and detailed guidance that is often overlooked by the traditional acting “coach”. Marci is more of a mentor, providing you with not only the technical adjustments, but also the insight of someone who has been behind the camera. Coaching with Marci gives you the assurance that you’re going to lead each and every opportunity with your best foot forward.
Brian Medavoy
Producer (manager at More-Medavoy)
Marci is one of the best in the business and I have known her for 30 years. She's been a bridge between actors, producers, directors, and executives for years and knows the business as well as she knows her craft. Which is extremely well. Marci's extensive background both in front of and behind the camera makes her a coach who understands the little things you just can't know without a lifetime of experience in Hollywood. Her coaching ability and fountain of knowledge make her an absolutely phenomenal resource.