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Lindsay Luv

Brand/Image Consultant, Social Media Consultant, Celebrity Social Media & Brand Consultant

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Lindsay's Services

Brand Partnerships/Product Placement
Career Consultation
Social Media/Digital Branding

About Lindsay

Lindsay Luv is one of LA’s best and most in-demand digital media and brand strategists that talent turn to when they need to develop their personal brand and take their social media strategy to the next level. Additionally Luv connects notable brands with talent for digital media partnerships and relationship building. 

With a verified following over 107K @lindsayluv, Luv has worked with hundreds of top brands including Chanel, Maybelline, Bentley, Virgin, Twitter, Valentino, NYFW, Armani, Levis and more as a DJ and was the Global Music Director for Equinox in 2018.  You may have seen her recently in Paris when she DJed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with Lady Gaga and has toured internationally from Europe to Mexico to the UAE and more. 

With years of expertise in social media, Luv helps her celebrity clients with their digital media understanding, presence and growth, content curation and overall digital footprint as well as pitching them for and developing sponsored brand partnerships. Offering a unique perspective as both a sought after talent and digital strategist, Luv personally knows the ins and outs of the digital space and how to apply them.

Other Services:

Digital Media Strategy, Social Media, Instagram, Branding, Social Media Auditing

Industry Highlights

Session Rates


Digital Media Consultation - 20 minute session

Limited Time Special Pricing $112.50 (Regular Price $150)

Kick off Call discussing your digital media needs. This includes a basic overview of the Digital Media Landscape and how it can benefit you at every stage of your career whether you are just getting started or have an established presence that needs growth or modifications.
NOTE: This booking is required before any other sessions
$ 112.50 USD

Instagram 101 - 30 minute session

Limited Time Special Pricing $187.50 (Regular Price $250)

The beginners Why's and How's of Digital Media's most popular platform plus how to get started. Basic rules and tricks of the trade to set yourself up for success from inception on Instagram or going forward with an existing account. This will cover basic technique of posting.
$ 187.50 USD

Digital Media Strategy Private Consultation - 60 minute session

Limited Time Special Pricing $375 (Regular Price $500)

Setting up a new (or almost) new account on a digital platform together. you can expect a concise walk through of how to set up your account for success from inception with the initial build of the basic profile and a walk through of how to start using the platform smartly. (1 platform per session).


A personal first look at your existing social media presence and/or targeted digital media presence on a specific platform. We will address your existing platform challenge and desires and how to start to make smart edits to tweak them.

Additional Time = Pro Rata
$ 375.00 USD

Digital Deep Dive - 90 minute session

Limited Time Special Pricing $750 (Regular Price $100)

We do a deep dive into your existing presence on the platform of your choice. We take a look at your overall brand presence, audience, strategy, insights and aesthetic and discuss what you can do to take your digital presence to the next level. We home in on specific tricks fo the trade and how to apply them to suit your lifestyle and online branding.
Note: Must provide platform information one week prior to session.
$ 750.00 USD

Lindsay's Gallery


Peter Facinelli
Actor, Director, Writer
I like to think of Lindsay Luv as the ‘Ray Donovan‘ of Social Media. She is a ‘fixer’ in the sense that she can size up your social media and help you edit, mold, create, direct and shape that digital footprint in ways that will gain the exact momentum all talent is looking to capture online and agents are hoping to see. Luv has a special ability to identify key insights into her clients accounts and then implement effective social strategy. As both a talent herself and a businesswoman she understands what it means to be on both ends of the industry which lends unique and relatable perspective to her approach with clients. Luv has also worked with hundreds of top brands across industries and has helped me link up with exciting opportunities that align with and compliment my own social media.
Maz Jobrani
Actor, Comedian, Author, Activist, Celebrity
Lindsay Luv helped me figure out the ever changing world of social media. At a time when everyone is looking to grow their following and fan base, Lindsay gave me practical steps I could use to take my social media game to the next level!
Jonathan Howard
Actor, Celebrity
Before I met Lindsay my social media game was terrible. Having been in Thor The Dark World, Godzilla King Of The Monsters, Downtown Abbey, The Last Ship, Kingdom and Showtimes Episodes, I thought my work would speak for itself. I’ve always tried to avoid the self promotion route. But it matters. And Lindsay made me see that. She reassured me that I wasn’t ‘selling out’ by self promotion. That it’s an art and a craft in itself and that I don’t have to lose self integrity in order to let my friends and fans know what I’m up to in the world. She has given me the skills I need to highlight my talent without me ever feeling unauthentic. I see her as my social media manager and in this day an age is just as important as my agent or talent manager.
Kasey Kitchen
Founder & CEO of MARQUE PR
Lindsay Luv is an extremely valuable asset to our team at Marque! Her ability to hone in on the proper aesthetic, strengthen engagement, as well as her knowledge of the algorithms of Instagram have provided tremendous guidance for our clients when it comes to navigating their platforms. She’s your go-to for all things social media!