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Jeffrey Marcus

Coach, Acting, Public Speaking, Media

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After attending Carnegie Mellon University, Jeffrey Marcus moved to New York to be an actor. To further his craft, he studied the teachings of Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Meisner, Hagen, and Adler. His most powerful influence was Mira Rostova – mentor to Montgomery Clift and Geraldine Page. He has appeared on Broadway, Films and Television (including a series regular). He recently completed a Master’s Program in “Spiritual Psychology” and “Consciousness, Health and Healing”, bringing a new ease and depth to the work.

Mr. Marcus has been teaching working professionals in Los Angeles for over 30 years. His work as a teacher has been profiled on the E! Network, Extra, CBS, and Oxygen. Clients currently consist of numerous series regulars on major networks, leads in feature films, and beginning students. 

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Public Speaking Coach, Media Coach

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30 Minute Individual Session

From shorter auditions, to advice on your career, to spiritual counseling - we will use the time wisely to get to the core of what you’re looking for.
$ 75.00 USD
Coming soon

One Hour Individual Session

Intimate, specific, and practical coaching on how to get out of your head and into the deepest parts of yourself and the action of the scene. Breaking numerous scenes into overall intentions, each scene into objectives and each moment into actions so that you don’t even have to think (beyond learning your lines). From auditioning, to working on the set - you will enter the room with total confidence and on top of your material. You will find the joy of the work once again!
$ 150.00 USD
Coming soon


Aurora Perrineau
(Jem and the Holograms, Equals, Passengers, When They See Us, Prodigal Son, Into the Dark)
It's hard to put into words exactly how brilliant Jeffrey Marcus is. He goes above and beyond to nurture an actor into their rawest form, so they create freely and honestly. He's kind , and encouraging , so you feel safe to create , while also being direct and precise. He knows everyone is unique and individual , and because of that, you're never put into the same mold as another actor. I wouldn't be the artist I am without him.
Brit Morgan
(True Blood, Supergirl, Riverdale)
Before working with Jeffrey I had only scratched the surface of what I could do as an actor. He helped take my craft completely to the next level. He provides the space, insight, and compassion to help me access the deepest parts of myself. He helped me to reclaim joy in the work and to trust myself. Working with Jeffrey is truly an enlightening and profound experience that has expanded me as an actor and human being
David Dean Bottrell
(Rectify, Boston Legal, The Blacklist, author of “Working Actor”)
I can't imagine a better coach than Jeffrey. I love working with him. In addition to being a master at breaking down a scene, he has an uncanny talent for helping each actor identify and connect with their truest instincts. If you want to create a character that lives and breathes, struggles and sweats in the present moment, he's your guy.
Kevin Spirtas
(Tony Award and Emmy winning Actor/Producer)
From the first time I coached with Jeff, I book the job. Even when I don’t feel the character is my wheelhouse. Jeff has an insightful way of steering me towards make that character through me. I don’t pick up a script without working with him. I owe my the best part of my acting to Jeff Marcus. takes any scene from any time, any where and tapers it to my strengths And then I book the job.
Marnee Carpenter
Series Regular, CBS’s “Clarice”
I have studied with Jeffrey for over five years and still learn something new with each class. I find that my work is stronger because Jeffrey encourages his students to build their own arsenal and trust their personal creativity. I value the safe space he provides where I can dare to try new things and even dip into places that may terrify me at first. It was always essential that I felt challenged and nurtured through an experience that is deeply personal. I found that exact environment in taking classes with Jeffrey Marcus.
Johnathan Schaech
That Thing You Do, Ray Donovan, over 160 movies and television series
Jeffrey Marcus woke me up to a greater understanding, not only to my craft of acting, but to my purpose here on earth. His passion and insight reminds me of my first teacher, Roy London. I can’t recommend Jeffrey enough.