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Jacqui Kaese

Casting Director, Coach, Consultant, Owner/Artistic Director of Spotlight Academy

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Jacqui's Services

Acting: Film & Television
Acting: On-set Preparation
Acting: TV Commercials
Audition Preparation
Career Consultation
Child/Youth/Teen Coaching
Running Lines / Rehearsal

About Jacqui

Jacqui Kaese has has forged a foundation of opportunity for actors of all ages who wish to pursue a career in film and television. Jacqui has personally worked as the on set acting coach alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Her students through her unique and authentic style of audition coaching have garnered lead roles opposite Nicole Kidman, Robert De Niro, Tom Cruz, Jason Statham, Matt Damon. Scarlett Johansson, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Eckhart.

She has also worked on set with Oscar winning legends, Lauren Bacal, DOP Harris Sevides. Steady Cam inventor Garett Brown. Award winning director Jonathan Glazer.

Alumni Students Include:- Cameron Bright (Twilight), Colin Ford (We bought a Zoo), Sarah Grey ( The Order) Blake Woodruff (Whisper), Hannah Jane Zirke (Bad Times at the El Royale) Harrison Houde ( Some Assembly Required) Jackson Warris (Riding the Bullet), John De Santis (The Adams Family), Sean Sipos (CSI Miami), Beau Mirchoff (Desperate Housewives), Plus scores of working actors spanning a career of over 20 years as a coach.

Jacqui chooses to call Vancouver Island her home where the island’s industry is starting to grow. With her partner Lynne Carrow, Gemini Award winning Casting Director, Jacqui has turned her hand to Casting both Principal and Background to meet an increase in demand. With over 40 episodes of Hallmarks Chesapeake Shores, Movies of the week. Independent feature films, short films for local film makers, and student films, Jacqui’s dream is to see the island accepted into mainstream film production for locations.


  • 2017 – Excellence in Culture Award for her work in Film
  • 2012/2016 – Two Sterling Awards for Business Excellence – Chamber of Commerce. 
  • 2015 – Community Spirit Award – Chamber of Commerce
  • 2015 – Volunteer of the year – JDRF Canada 
  • 1992 – Entertainment Manager of the Year UK England – First Leisure Corporation. 

Additional Services Offered:

Character Analysis, Safe and proven on set methods for Kids and Teen Coaching, Deep Emotional Connection to text.

Industry Highlights

Chesapeake Shores
TV Series
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Session Rates


20 minute career consultation

Finding the right person to give you advise is often daunting :)
Jacqui combines expertise with life experience. Sharing her knowledge of the much needed skills to impress the right people at the right time, Jacqui offers this opportunity to get to know her and find trust in the process.

You will not be disappointed in this ask me anything consultation.
$ 20.00 USD

30 minute individual session

Breaking down moment to moment and bringing believable truth to short scenes.

The Actors tool kit.
How to market yourself or re-market yourself competitively.
All Ages.
$ 40.00 USD

45 minute individual session

Mood ! Manner ! Motivation !
Bringing your A game through interesting choices.

The Actors Tool Kit.
How to market yourself or re-market yourself competitively.
All ages :)
$ 50.00 USD

60 minute individual session

The X Factor !
Long form scene study, text analysis and character development. Re discover the brilliance of you, with techniques that work, in this personalized session.

In preparing for greatness, this extended session will help you put together a business plan and promotional package that will change the landscape of your career.

With a proven track record of students working opposite A Listers. This session helps Navigate the industry. As a family unit we discuss Agents, Union, Set Etiquette.
The do’s and dont’s ! The why’s and why nots ! With information overload, you will gain knowledge and feel totally prepared.
$ 70.00 USD

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Candice Elzinga
Casting Director
Insightful, passionate and caring, with a keen eye for talent and impressive on set experience, Jacqui brings a wealth of knowledge to her teaching and coaching and her tough love approach has benefitted the careers of many aspiring actors.
Judy Lee
Casting Director
I have had the pleasure of working with Jacqui over the past ten years. I have witnessed the results of her tutelage. She is an exceptional coach, one who cares deeply about her students. She will always go above and beyond to deliver quality coaching with a firm understanding of what is needed in the industry. I highly recommend Jacqui as a coach and mentor.
Whitney Benson and Sean Milliken
Casting Associates
Thank you very much for a fun, connected, and all-around amazing experience in your acting class. Your sparkle and your shine bring a calming ease to the classroom setting, which in turn brings comfort to those who attend. Through your logic and clarity you made it easy to grasp a firm understanding of the film industry, and what I need to do to prepare for auditions. When you coach on the classroom "mini set," all I need to do is close my eyes, breathe, listen to your words, and my body becomes completely relaxed and takes in the emotions and feelings. Not only are you an amazing acting coach, but you are a dear friend and mentor. I consider you as a second mom, because you are always there for me with a loving shoulder to cry on. Thank you very much.
Cameron Bright
I always have lots of fun when I get coaching from Jacqui. She worked as my on set coach on Birth with Nicole Kidman, and she coached me for so many auditions for lead roles for over ten years. Even though the work is hard sometimes, Jacqui makes it fun. She will always be a special part of my life and i will always be grateful to her.
Dave Peniuk
Thank you Jacqui! You inspired, motivated, pushed, taught, and supported me ... and you continue to do so! From my first acting class with you, I felt at ease even while filled with nervous energy. You have a wonderful spirit and compassion for all the big-eyed actors that come to your studio and you have taught me virtually everything I needed to know to become, not only an actor, but a talented and informed one. Learning about commercials, TV, film, the industry, unions, sets, the crazy language used on set, blocking, finding the emotional core, the objective of the scene, the ARC of the scene, picking a good agent and on and on and on. You have brought me so much knowledge and belief in myself that I can do it. I AM DOING IT! In large part, due to you, Jacqui. Thanks again - you are a real gem and I am eternally grateful for your guidance, support and compassion.
Peter Kent, Actor
Director, Stuntman Hall of Fame
As someone who been in this industry professionally for 35 years, both in Hollywood and in BC - as a Gemini award winning producer, writer, director, actor and stuntman - I have worked side by side with Jacqui Kaese and Spotlight Academy for almost 7 years. I can say unequivocally that Jacqui is one of the most caring and nurturing mentors of the acting community. She dedicates herself 110% to her actors. It is her life ! It is a sign of your success Jacqui Kaese. Arnold always told me “the higher and better you get, the more people will try to kick the pins out from underneath you. Jacqui, you continue to prove your worth with the credits your students earn alongside Hollywood Royalty.