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Hillary Tuck

Executive at the Actor’s Mindset, co-presenter

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Acting: On-set Preparation

About Hillary

Hillary Tuck has been a working actor since she was 14. She has been a series regular on several shows including Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Her movies have been to Sundance. You may have seen her on shows like Grimm, NCIS and 90210… You’ve heard her voice on Family Guy and she’s been in commercials that aired during the super bowl. You can see her most recently in Sorry For Your Loss with Elizabeth Olsen and recurring in season five of Bosch. Hillary has been an acting teacher and on set coach since 2014 at Warner Loughlin Studios…coaching actors on shows like Fox’s The Exorcist, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and comedians like George Lopez.

Session Rates


Post Audition/Callback processing - 30 minute individual session

The time after our audition is incredibly important.

For many actors, post-audition time is a noisy blur. It’s hard to say exactly what happened in there - and whatever we do remember usually replays our “mistakes” and the stories we are MAKING UP about what THEY think of us. And… we wonder whether we are good enough.

What happens in the wake of our work sets us up for the next audition.

At Mindset, we have a specific process for the time post-audition. It helps us unpack what happened, and guides our focus away from the TRAPS our mind can set for us and TOWARDS the details that help us track improvement and build a personal and consistent practice.

This session is designed to help you FOCUS, PROCESS and RECOVER more efficiently and effectively.
$ 62.50 USD

On Set Prep - 60 minute individual session

Breaking down the script as well as preparing mentally, physically and emotionally to handle the job.
$ 125.00 USD