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Deborah Gillam-Harry

Career Consultant, Coach, Certified BCCDA Practitioner

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About Deborah

Deborah Gillam-Harry, Certified BCCDA Practitioner (British Columbia Career Development Association) owner of Deborah Harry Talent (1987-2009) Vancouver talent agency representing Actors, Directors and Writers and Voice Over talent. Deborah was responsible for contract negotiation, packing for Film and TV projects and producing several Film Productions over the span of her career. Deborah has been very active in the Film/TV community with being the Vice President of Women in Film and Video Vancouver (2002-2003), Associate Manager or AEI on-line-representative for writers, Producer & Host of Building Bridges industry event for 2 years, this event brought industry professionals in as guest speakers to network and provide guidance and leadership.  Host of the WIFV Vancouver Breakfast Club (1997-2004) booking industry professional guest speakers to inspire and empower all in attendance.

Though Deborah coaches Vancouver based clients in person, she coaches distant client by phone, email and Zoom sessions. Deborah is a coach like no other, after 3 decades, Deborah is proud to offer her experience, wisdom and common sense to actors and talent of all types.

With Deborah as you coach, you will experience her thought process by which she’s been so successful. She will guide you through an assessment of yourself and your career path. Become the person who gets what they want through living life of intentional choices. You will get the career you truly desire and help you develop your potential and talents and discover more of your authentic self, so that you can attain true fulfillment.

Deborah works with you in a partnership to clarify you vision, discover new possibilities, set goals and create a strategy for achieving them.  She will work with you on a single, specific issue or goal, such as booking more auditions, or securing a talent agent or just learning how to broaden your network.

Deborah will provide an unbiased outside eye to help you see things clearly, apply techniques from their training and experience, and is your cheering section!  The Synergy of her coaching as your thinking partner is incredibly empowering.

As Deborah states “ Actors have acting coaches to help them prepare for auditions, singers have a vocal coach to assist with their vocal range, Athletes have coaches to attain their highest physical achievements for sporting glory. Talent coaching is for anyone who seeks qualified and personal one-on-one coaching to help advance and move their career forward in a positive and effective manner.”

Industry Highlights

Session Rates


20 Minute Consultation

This session is for more general questions, not sure what to commit to, get some information prior to booking and investing in further sessions and learn what is right for you. Get the chance to meet your coach and introduce yourself and get the answers you need to help you move your career forward and have the opportunity to make wise choices on the advancement of your career. Selecting the right people in your team is really vital.
$ 25.00 USD

30 Minute Brainstorming Session

Limited Time Special Pricing $45 (Regular Price $65)

New or Experienced Actors
As your thinking partner, I will help you brainstorm your ideas and thoughts to help give clarity in your journey as a performer. Create a clear goal/path in your journey as an actor and organize your thoughts and dreams to assist you to reach your goal(s).

Are you looking to get started in the business? Are you hitting roadblocks securing and agent? You have an agent and want to get their attention to assist you in booking more auditions ( how to communicate with your agent).
$ 45.00 USD

30 Minute Building Bridges

Limited Time Special Pricing $45 (Regular Price $65)

New or Non-represented Actors
Getting started in the business, How to get an agents attention with your submission package, Where to Network and start building strong industry connections, Navigation of a personal game plan to get the best results you desire. Get the information in advance so you can fast forward your career.
$ 45.00 USD

60 Minutes Next Level Individual Session

Limited Time Special Pricing $125 (Regular Price $150)

Novice to Experienced Actors
Need a Solid career plan? Want to book more auditions? Wanting to go the Next Level?
This session will give you more clarity on how to achieve moving your career forward to the Next level and with clarity = success.

Are you experiencing fear or negative patterns, upsets or disappointments and lack of confidence? Do you dwell on the audition you just had for hours or days wondering if you got the part? Need to learn how to let go of this stress? Learn how to write your own life script to give you the tools to watch your career move forward. This session will help prepare you to book Lead and Guest Starring roles and give you the tools to reach this goal.
$ 125.00 USD

Deborah's Gallery


Maxine English
Actor: Road to Redemption, Usual Suspects, Glee
I met Deborah in Vancouver over seven years ago as a struggling actor. Since that time, she has provided me excellent guidance and insight in the film and tv industry. She is very well connected both in the US as well as Canada and has been able to open doors for me I could never have done myself.
Glenn Williams
Host/Actor/Ventriloquist/Puppeteer/Voice Over
Deborah has a genuine passion for the Entertainment Industry. She has a wide range of experience; Agent, Producer, Coaching Professionals, Public Speaker, to name a few. Deborah's a person who can help your career become more focused and the chances of success more practical to achieve. She is full of positive energy, helpful thoughts and exercises. Giving those who meet her a pleasant memorable experience, with clear and positive directional advice. I look forward in meeting with Deborah again and recommend her to anyone looking for some professional direction.
Daniel J Joseph
Actor, Perfect Mind Account Executive
Deborah is very effective at devising action plans which will formulate results and perpetuate further steps and successes. Her methods, strategies and initiatives will greatly improve your chances of success no matter what your objectives are, believe me!
Victoria Clements
Producer/Director/Marketer at Posh Intertainment
From the moment I met Deborah, I was struck by her open demeanour, great sense of humour and professionalism. Deborah Gillam Harry’s exceptional communication and networking skills are at a level that most try to acquire but few are able to achieve.
Greigh Laschuk
Actor/Voice Over Actor
I am thoroughly impressed with her energy, positive outlook, connections, and solid advice. She does not simply give advice and then move on to the next client; she keeps in regular contact and is keenly interested in all facets of my journey.
Ellie Ericson
Executive Assistant
My experience of Deborah is that she is an exceptional employment coach. I found an immediate connection with her when we met. I enjoyed and benefited from her workshops and when I needed a second pair of eyes to proof my work I turned to Deborah for her meticulous eye for detail. If I needed guidance in any way or had questions, she was a solid ally for me to turn to. Deborah saw skills and abilities in me that I hadn't seen clearly about myself that were enormously empowering when I took the time to consider them. She is skilled in her ability to shine a bright light on skills you may have overlooked in yourself. She can shift the experience of an employment search from feeling stressful to empowering. I value her personable, positive, humorous, intuitive and grounded approach to her work. I would highly recommend her as a coach.