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Christiane Hirt

Coach, Consultant, Teacher, Intuitive Practitioner

Meets virtually

Christiane's Services

Acting: Film & Television
Acting: On-set Preparation
Acting: Stage
Audition Preparation
Career Consultation
Self Taping: Performance

About Christiane

An Award-winning actor, screenwriter and teacher, Christiane has enjoyed a successful professional career spanning over thirty years. Christiane has studied extensively in Vancouver, LA and is an Alumni of New York’s prestigious, HB Studio. She is the Co-Founder of two studio’s, Company of Rogues Actors Studio, Calgary (est. 1993) and Rogues West Actors Studio, Vancouver. To date, Christiane has taught and mentored thousands of actors, many of whom have won Genie, Leo and AMPIA awards, and who continue to enjoy successful careers in Canada and Internationally. She is also an Alumnus of The Women in the Directors Chair Program – empowering the actor/director relationship. 

Christiane’s parallel passion is working intuitively with artists, actors and conscious souls alike through her company M.E.T – Momentum, Elevation, Transformation:

” I believe that the highest form of art is how you live your life. I’ve passionately devoted my life in two main pursuits; expressing the human condition through art and evolving human potential through the Science of Spiritual Law. My Intuitive work is enriched by synthesizing these principles to meet you wherever you are in life and help generate profound shifts that move you where you want to be. I love working with clients who are committed to their transformation.”

Area’s of Specialty:

Scene Prep, Career Consultation, Meisner Acting Technique, Film Acting: Audition Technique & On-set Preparation, Auditioning on Zoom. The Actors Psychology; emotional and spiritual support for the actor

Industry Highlights

For The Moment
Heart of the Sun
Blades of Courage

Session Rates


20 minute consultation

Every actor is different: The consultation will help determine how we may best work together and provide some insight about you in the context of acting. Together we’ll discuss your goals, challenges and objectives to get clear on how I may best assist you with your present needs.
$ 40.00 USD

30 minute individual session

For Auditions between 1 & 2 Sides.
This thirty-minute session will empower the actor to deliver a memorable and professional audition both in the room and on-line. Techniques include: Scene breakdown, active connection, rooting the emotional/physical life of the scene, starting and ending the audition with impact, activating the scenes transitions, and bringing the subtext to life while driving the story forward.
$ 60.00 USD

60 minute individual session

For auditions between 3+ Sides
These sessions are designed for actors who have booked, or are auditioning for Lead, Guest Star, Supporting Lead and Recurring roles: Christiane is an award-winning screenwriter with in-depth knowledge of how Characters serve the Story’s emotional narrative. Her innovative techniques in mentoring actors to build their Character’s Arc have often garnered award-winning performances. 
$ 120.00 USD

60 minute Intuitive session

The Actors Psychology: In an ever changing and highly competitive industry, today’s successful actor thrives in practicing the alignment of mind, body and spirit. Christiane merges her gifts in the intuitive arts with over 30 years of experience as one of Canada’s top acting coaches to assist actors in transcending old belief systems. Together we can discover more authentic joy, creative freedom, gratitude, prosperity and genuine happiness to establish a lasting foundation for meaningful personal and professional success.
$ 150.00 USD


Jared Keeso
Working with Christiane Hirt is among the wisest moves I have made as an actor. Acting classes and personal coaching can be rough terrain. Insecurities are brought to the surface, moulds are broken and egos are shattered. Change is a scary thing, in general, for actors. Why put myself through the stress when I’ve already got it all figured out? I thank you, Christiane, for the gentle, enlightening message: you don’t.
Fei Ren
Star of Polar for Netflix - Leo Nominated
Christiane is a powerhouse who truly cares for her students and is so deeply passionate about the craft! I am really grateful and fortunate to learn from her. She taught me to let go of my blueprint and drop into the moment. I was at a stage in my career where I learned lots of tools and did lots of study, but when I tape for auditions I can't let go of the homework. Through repetition and improv, Christiane cultivated a very safe, empowering environment encouraging me to trust my instinct, drop into my body allowing the character to take over and drive the scene. I've had lots of breakthrough moments training with her.
Katherine Young
Over the last thirty years, as one of Canada’s foremost acting coaches, Christiane Hirt has finely tuned her intuition and ability to read and understand human behaviour, emotion, and depth of meaning to a degree that is altogether rare among artists, healers and helpers alike. She brings a great gift.
Christie Burke
I thank the day I decided to take my friend’s advice and take a class at Rogues West. To say Christiane and Rogues West has completely changed my career would be an understatement. Releasing the chains we often find we’ve placed on ourselves within acting is just the beginning. She teaches you how to breath in a scene. How to live moment to moment. Be imperfect. It becomes less about acting and more about letting go, allowing yourself to be limitless. Free. I have gained incredibly sought after agents half way across the world, simply by sending tapes made within Christiane’s class. Began to see immediate progress with bookings and quality of bookings. She equips you with the knowledge of story telling and a character’s journey all while pushing you to dig deeper, find the truth. Everything I’ve accomplished since joining Rogues is in direct correlation to the classes at this acting studio. I am the actor I am today because of this incredible woman’s dedication and my trust in her to guide me there. And this is only the beginning. My secret weapons, Rogues West and Christiane Hirt.
Breanna Dillon
Toronto Based Actor
Studying with Christiane Hirt changed my life. She has a great love and compassion for her actors. Her guidance and wisdom is truly inspiring. In Christiane’s classes you must be prepared to give your very best work and your complete commitment because that is exactly what Christiane gives to her Meisner classes every week. When studying the Meisner Technique you must be prepared to explore, to let go, to make mistakes and most importantly to do the work.
Jill Nixon
Vancouver Based Actor
Christiane is hands down phenomenal. I’ve been studying with her on and off for many years both in Calgary and Vancouver. The energy she brings to the class is uncanny and she really fosters an environment where you can thrive as an artist and create your best work. She always holds you to your highest standard and she always upholds herself to her highest standard as a teacher. Furthermore, her love for the craft is very inspiring. Highly recommend this studio if you want transcendental experiences in your acting