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Brendan Taylor

Actor, Coach, Consultant

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Brendan's Services

Accent/Dialect Coaching
Acting: Film & Television
Acting: On-set Preparation
Acting: TV Commercials
Audition Preparation
Career Consultation
Child/Youth/Teen Coaching
Reader (Audition)
Running Lines / Rehearsal
Self Taping: Performance
Self Taping: Technical (Set up, Audio/Lighting)

About Brendan

A homegrown Vancouverite, Brendan proudly hails from Hollywood North. As a young boy playing pretend among the beautiful parks and beaches of the North Shore, this fed his curiosity and imagination, and ultimately grew into a lifelong love of acting. He was in the French Immersion program through school with a bilingual diploma, and graduated from UBC with a Major in Spanish, and is fluent in both languages. Brendan is a seasoned actor of screen and stage; he trained diligently in the theatre at Railtown Actors Studio under Kate Twa, eventually leading to the formation of a theatre company with some close classmates, both of which he credits the majority of his growth as an actor. A true film baby, with his mother and uncle in the biz and having grown up on film sets, he himself spent over a decade working behind the scenes in Set Decoration, working on multiple TV Shows and Feature Films around Vancouver, so to him, a film set is a second home. He was able to make the full-time switch to acting in 2015, and now works in Commercials, TV, Film, and Voice-Over which he loves all equally as much, but he still always makes time to appear on stage.

Last year he starred in Vancouver’s first large-scale immersive theatre show with influences from New York’s Sleep No More, called Deep Into Darkness. He’s starred in such TV shows as Fargo, Bates Motel, Arrow, and had recurring roles on Supernatural and The Magicians. You can also spot him frequently in TV commercials; he has booked over 100 commercials to date. His latest project, Firefly Lane, based on the popular novel by Kristin Hannah is coming Fall 2020 on Netflix, where you can watch him in a supporting role opposite Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl.

Brendan also works as a private acting coach, both in person and remotely, and operates a self-tape service for actors in Vancouver. Having spent literally thousands of hours on a film set, both in front of and behind the camera, as well as having trained in theatre and co-produced many plays with his former theatre company, Brendan brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching. He has experience in techniques such as Meisner Repetition, Substitution, Voice & Breath training, Improvisation and Viewpoints, and fundamentals from Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, and Sanford Meisner. Whatever style or technique you prefer, Brendan can find common ground and work in your comfort zone. Brendan is also adamant about creating a safe space to work in and explore, no matter what your experience level, age, or gender.

He has extensive experience in cold-reading and script analysis, and can help you find character and story information and make strong choices with limited information, as often happens with audition sides. He also has a very technical eye; having taped dozens of clients, he can help simplify complicated blocking, and offer very specific adjustments to maximize clarity of action and keep the focus on you. Brendan also has a knack for comedy and pacing, and can help you find the humour (if applicable) and energy in a scene. Find commercial auditions confusing or intimidating? Brendan’s commercial experience can help you take the fear and uncertainty out of the commercial casting room, and help you let go and find the fun in them.

Whether you need help with your self-tape audition, have a monologue or scene you’d like to work on, would like to be assigned a scene to help you work on a specific aspect of your craft, or would like general coaching on your career or other aspects of the biz, Brendan has you covered!

Industry Highlights

Firefly Lane
TV Series
TV Series

Session Rates


20 minute consultation

Have you got more general questions you need answered before committing time and personal expense to extensive training or specialized sessions?

Book a no-obligation consult session and take the first easy steps forward to getting the answers you need.
$ 30.00 USD

30 minute individual session

Have general questions about your career, auditions, commercials, training, self-taping, or other parts of the biz? Need some advice? Struggling with a one-liner? Book 30 min with Brendan to steer you in the right direction
$ 40.00 USD

60 minute individual session

Book a one hour session for a standard 2-5 page audition! Identify the purpose of the scenes given to you, break them down, and get to the core of what Casting wants to see
$ 75.00 USD

90 minute individual session

Book a 90 min period if you have a bigger audition or self-tape to have the most productive coaching session you can.
$ 110.00 USD


Adrian Petriw
Actor and Voice Actor (Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Lego Jurassic World, Legends of Tomorrow)
I always look forward to working with Brendan. He has such a keen eye for adjustments that really elevate my auditions, and he has an impressive breadth of experience to draw from. He also creates such a fun, supportive working environment, and that allows me to relax and do my best work.
Fei Ren
Actress (Polar, The Romeo Section)
I have been taping with Brendan for a couple years now! I always go to him because he is super talented, patient, and fun to work with. Thank you Brendan for accommodating all my last minute taping requests at odd hours, and thank you for bringing ease and holding a safe space for my emotional preparation. I value your great instinct for comedy and honest insights in script analysis! Taping with him feels like you are playing with a good actor who is rooting for you to bring your best work! Not to mention his lighting and editing makes you look great too!
Marlie Collins
Actress and Voice Actress (Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal, The InBetween, Marvel Super Hero Adventures)
Brendan Taylor has been coaching me for my self tape auditions for the last year and a half. I can say with complete confidence that he really helps me get to the depth of the scene and character. He makes me feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and express myself fully, not to mention the laughs we share. Not only is he a great coach but a phenomenal actor, his passion for the craft really comes out which makes him a great scene partner to read with and I fully trust the direction he gives. He cares and takes the time to get the scene and actor where they need to be. I always leave the session learning something new. I would highly recommend Brendan as a coach, to not only have a great session but to grow as actor.
Taylor St. Pierre
Actor (The Color Rose, Supernatural, Hell On Wheels)
I've known Brendan for 7 years and have trained and worked along side him. He's one of the most talented actors I know and he continues to teach me along the way. I've done several taping's with him and his coaching and quality abilities are top notch. He can help you separate yourself from the herd and take your tapings to a booking level.
Victor Ayala
Actor (Get Shorty, La Quinceanera, iZombie)
I love working auditions with Brendan. He makes it fun, and really helps you see the audition from the point of view of the camera. I always feel good about the finished product when he reads with me.